7 Reasons to Use FRP In Your Next Project

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Wastewater Tanks

When choosing a material for a storage project, there’s a lot of consideration to take into account such as what’s the life expectancy of the material, how does it hold up against the elements and what are the specifications for what it can feasibly hold? FRP is a leading material for the construction of quality and durable tanks to hold even the most caustic of materials. Here are 7 reasons that FRP might just be perfect for your next project!

Light Weight Means Lighter Work

Fiberglass-reinforced plastics are a lighter material to work with, meaning they’re easier to ship and construct. Where you may need heavy-duty moving equipment for a storage unit made of concrete or steel, FRP tanks can be shipped on a flatbed truck and a minimal crew can install the unit without too much trouble. More FRP units can be stacked together in a nesting situation too, meaning less money out of your pocket for delivery fees.

Durable and Flexible

FRP is known for its elasticity and higher impact resistance, making it ideal for pretty much any storage situation. This means fewer units are damaged in transport and they operate well in situations where they are put under a lot of stress, with variables like volume or corrosion of the product. 

Corrosion Resistant

Storing pesticides or other caustic materials means you need to trust the unit you employ. FRP are notoriously more corrosion-resistant than other materials. The construction offers a safe, reliable tank to store even the most corrosive of chemicals with an exceedingly lower possibility of leakage.

Savings on Maintenance

FRP products need less maintenance than other materials and repairs can be done more easily in most scenarios. Keeping up with inspections will lengthen the lifespan of these tanks and save you money on replacement costs that would incur with concrete or steel units. The price tag might be a bit higher initially, but the dollars you save with an FRP tank will be far greater than any other material.

Above & Below

With storage units constructed from fiberglass-reinforced plastic, they can be installed either below or above ground. This makes them even more adaptable for more storage requirements. 


Fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks are much easier to mold and shape to your desired requirements than any steel or concrete unit could ever imagine. Not only can the shape be manipulated, but additional equipment, such as valves, or alterations, such as a sloped inner bottom to properly drain, can be easily added to your order.

Better Impact

Because they don’t take as long to construct as most other composites used in storage units, you cut down not only on the cost of labour, but the environmental impact is less because it’s less work to put these units together. Material usage in production is less, reducing waste and fewer depleted resources.

Whatever you plan to store in your new FRP tank, you can trust that it will be held safe and sound for as long as you need it. Most industries are aware of the benefits of working with FRP products and if you’re ready to add an FRP tank to your roster of reliable equipment, give us a call at (306) 329-4884 and we’d be happy to talk to you more about your options!

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