General Storage

FRP/Mocoat MM Series Buildings are often an ideal general storage solution as opposed to C-Cans. Our pre-engineered fibreglass units are virtually maintenance free and will not rot, rust or corrode. In fact, cleaning up graffiti is so quick and easy that our shelters are used extensively for the storage of maintenance equipment at schools. Other standard options that are often incorporated include:

This has allowed FRP/Mocoat to successfully service a wide variety of applications including gas stations, restaurant chains, and industrial storage. The fibreglass panels can be placed on any level compacted surface and are easily portable – making temporary storage an attractive option to consider. Units can be purchased assembled or for more cost effective transportation, shipped loose and assembled on site.

Click here to view graffiti removal video

Virtually maintenance free
Chemically resistant
UV protected

Modular design
Variety of sizes
Easy to expand
Easy to relocate

Pre-engineered for wind and snow loads

Quick assembly time
Minimal parts
Predrilled components
Shipped loose or pre-assembled

Light weight
High strength
Easily transportable

Built using a double wall system
Standard R-12 insulation value
Protected from rodents and harsh environmental conditions