Mocoat’s operations began modestly in 1968 as a distributor of Mobil Oil Coatings for the Western Canadian Oilpatch. During the 1970’s the company diversified into fibreglass manufacturing; particularly for above-ground oilfield storage tanks. Wellhead shelters were introduced during the late 1970’s and the non-FRP operations were divested. Since that time Mocoat has provided tens of thousands of wellheads shelters and fibreglass buildings for a variety of applications throughout North America. FRP Manufacturing Inc. started in 2010 to manufacture FRP storage tanks, particularly underground tanks for the Canadian wastewater industry.

The two companies joined forces in 2017 and now operate as FRP/Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd. Our Introduction Video provides a good introductory video on our manufacturing facility located just outside Saskatoon, Canada.

FRP Mocoat is a leading manufacturer of quality fiberglass tanks and storage products. We manufacture a wide range of custom storage tanks as well as a variety of standard above and below ground tanks with capacities ranging from 150 imperial gallons to 34,000 imperial gallons. We have the capability of manufacturing products ranging anywhere from 2′ diameter to 20′ diameter. In addition to our standard tank models, FRP Mocoat can manufacture custom tanks that have designs and drawings stamped by Professional Engineers (P.Eng.) with decades of experience in the fiberglass industry.

FRP Mocoat’s core business is fiberglass tanks and we are proud to currently have several thousands of tanks in the field! We have provided tanks for diverse applications such as potable water, chemical storage, wastewater storage, upstream oilfield, septic solutions, acid storage, and fire suppression. If you have a product that is potentially corrosive, we have a solution for you. Our fiberglass tanks are in service throughout Canada and most of the United States and can be single wall or double wall construction.

All our tanks are made with pure resin and fiberglass matrixes that follow a true corrosion guideline. All our wastewater tanks are CSA approved, and our potable water tanks are NSF/ANSI 61 approved. We do not add any colorants or fillers to our laminate structure, and we fabricate our tanks using only CSA and NSF/ANSI approved materials throughout the entire construction process to ensure quality product.


Mission Vision

In addition to meeting CSA and NSF/ANSI standards, FRP Mocoat can design and manufacture custom tanks for required specifications including ASME RTP-1, ASTM D4097, and ULC standards.  The materials chosen for the tank fabrication (resin, fiberglass reinforcements, etc.) will be compatible with the product that is to be stored within the tank, this will ensure the expected performance and service life of the tank are met. FRP Mocoat always advises installers on proper installation practices and provides comprehensive instructions that clearly outline approved backfill options and installation methods.


To be a Leader in the supply and manufacture of FRP storage tanks and buildings throughout North America