Oil & Gas

The initial shelters developed by FRP/Mocoat in the 1970’s were used overtop water injection/disposal wells for conventional oilfields in Western Canada.. Oil and gas producers were looking for an economical, durable product that would resist internal and external corrosion and stand-up to harsh Canadian winters. At that time, we used our 8 ft. tank moulds in order to construct the shelters. Once virtually every major oil & gas producer accepted our shelter as the “standard”, we developed custom moulds which enabled features for our customers such as one-piece moulded construction, double-walled construction with encapsulated urethane foam, and a slight taper to allow nesting of as many 20 shelters on a single truck.
From these humble beginnings began the extensive use of conical shelters and then modular buildings for the oil patch throughout North America. Today our shelters and buildings are used extensively in oil patch applications such as:
In many cases, we have developed specific options for each usage. For example, for natural gas wells – we offer wireline roof hatches, sniffer ports, and explosion proof heaters as standard options.