Applications For Our 14” Diameter Above Ground Tanks

14-Diameter Above Ground Tanks

Whether you’re working in the oil and gas, food and beverage, agriculture or mining industries, you want to know the products you’re bringing onsite will last and perform exactly how you need them to. Having a faulty storage system can cost you more than an arm and a leg in the long run, but perhaps our Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic tanks can save you the trouble! Our 14” diameter above ground tanks are so versatile, they can be used in nearly any industry that requires durable and long-lasting storage. Here’s what you need to know about them!

Quality Made

What makes our tank applications so extensive is the way they’re built. Each standard tank is filament wound for additional strength and is constructed to meet ASTM D 3299 for hydro-static loads with a precise gravity of up to 1.2. They can also be customized to accommodate design specs like API12P or NSF 61. All of our 14” diameter tanks are built to API12P or ASME RTP-1 standard and are designed and approved by P.Eng, finalized with Autocad drawings and supporting documentation.


If you need ladders, walkways or platforms, we’ve got you covered. We strive to offer any kind of customization you may need, including features like saddles for horizontal storage, custom nozzles, a sloped or vertical flat bottom or other internal tank alterations. For those jobs that need a heavy-duty resistance to chemicals, like storing oil field wastewater or liquid fertilizer, our 14” diameter tanks can be equipped with special chemical compatibility to withstand even the most corrosive materials you need to store.

The applications for our 14” diameter tanks feels almost endless with the amount of customization, durability and versatility of these tanks. For those in the food processing industry, you want your tanks to be compatible with food storage for brining, fermentation or dry foods. We’ve got a tank that’s perfect for you. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty storage system for mining or mineral processing, our tanks won’t rust or corrode. They’ll store crude oil, or oil field wastewater without a problem and virtually no maintenance and they’ll outlast a steel tank by decades. If you’re ready to make the switch to FRP, request a quote or give us a call at (306) 329-4884 and we’ll set you up with a 14” diameter tank that will suit exactly your needs.

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