Pump Jack Buildings

Over the years, FRP/Mocoat has provided many companies including Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhillips with modular fibreglass buildings to protect the engine and equipment of their pump jacks. FRP/Mocoat MM Series Buildings are perfect for the job because our units are easily portable and fully modular to fit your specific application. We also have an option to reduce the noise and emissions of the pumpjack engine by replacing our standard urethane foam core with mineral wool insulation.
Our pumpjack buildings come equipped with a roll up door allowing for quick and easy access to your equipment. Each unit can be knocked down and expanded at a later date if necessary. Durability isn’t sacrificed and FRP/Mocoat pre engineered fibreglass panels are suitable for harsh winter conditions like heavy snow and strong winds.
As an added benefit, our panels can be trial fitted and shipped loose to you for more cost effective transportation. Because fibreglass is virtually maintenance free, non corrosive and chemically resistant your FRP/Mocoat MM Series Building will last you for years and years to come.

MM Series Features/Benefits

PDF for download: Pump Jack Brochure