Choosing a Fiberglass Tank Over Metal

Choosing a Fiberglass Tank Over Metal - FRP Manufacturing - Custom Storage Tanks - Featured Image

When it comes to versatility and performance, fibreglass has an edge over most other traditional materials in more ways than one. Choosing materials for your construction or storage projects must reflect the needs of the tank or building, such as withstanding our harsh North American winters. Here are a few reasons why we love fibreglass and why it can offer you a better result in the long run!

Durability is Key

When folks consider fibreglass reinforced plastics or FRP, most are amazed to learn that fibreglass is both durable and versatile. Fiberglass is corrosion resistant, so the durability of an FRP tank will not degrade over time as with other materials. Due to a very high strength to weight ratio, not only can FRP withstand the elements and pressures of burial, but the lighter weight of fibreglass reduces shipping and costs, making it a better deal in the long run.

Safety First

Of course, the number one concern on any work site is safety and with fibreglass reinforced plastics, safety comes a little easier. When assembled correctly, FRP erases any surprises that come with corrosion, shock hazard, durability, or structural integrity. Steel conducts electricity and can corrode over a period of time where FRP does neither. Fibreglass has proved its watertight effectiveness over the years and its design integrity allows it to be a good material for chemical or water storage.

Top Dollar

FRP can outlast steel in its ability to stay durable and strong in the face of harsh weather and corrosive materials. Where steel will break down in severe environments, FRP can withstand many more years of abuse thanks to its ability to contain and withstand corrosion. Where you may need to replace your steel materials often, FRP can outlast steel in longevity.

Fibreglass reinforced plastics are more durable, cost-effective and tougher than other traditional materials such as steel or concrete. Offering a much better return on investment, FRP is quickly becoming a staple for many construction and storage sites. To request a quote for your site and to find out how we can best serve you, get in touch with us today!

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