Custom FRP Products and Why We Love Them

FRP Tanks Durable

One of our favourite aspects of what we do with fiberglass reinforced plastics is our ability to adapt a custom piece to whatever suits your needs. FRP Manufacturing leads the pack when it comes to custom fiberglass products that meet your requirements and we don’t just do fiberglass storage tanks. Here are a few of the custom products we have up our sleeves!

Fire Suppression Tanks

When you’re working with highly flammable goods, such as oil and gas, you need to know that the product you’re using to store these goods is properly equipped to be fire suppressant. On the other side of the coin, when you’re living in a more rural area where there isn’t ready access to municipal water sources, you need to know that your storage tanks will survive through a potential fire, especially if you live somewhere prone to annual forest fires. That’s where our fire suppression tanks come in. Our underground fire suppression tanks are fully non-corrosive and won’t take up any valuable above-ground space. They can be customized with stainless steel flexible connections, an anchor system, a suction port with an anti-vortex plate or our #150 FRP flanges. Grab yours today!

Fiberglass Fire Watch Cupolas

We have an extensive selection of above-ground products, and one of those is Fiberglass Fire Watch Cupolas! Our Fiberglass Fire Watch Cupolas are 8’ long, 8’ wide and 8’6” tall with a range of customizations. You can choose to install a fiberglass-reinforced plastic, encapsulated floor with a hatch, aluminum window drippings and frames, a skid-proof finish to the floor, custom lift lugs or a multi-tonal, gel coat finish.

5’ Diameter Tank

Our underground, 5’ tanks can be used for a variety of wastewater, water treatment and water holding operations and come in several customizable lengths to suit your project. Because it’s made of fiberglass, the tank is very lightweight and easy to ship and install. It’s built to withstand corrosive materials and won’t break down over time like many other products used to hold liquids will. Internal and external rusting is impossible and therefore removes the worry of possible leakage! Available in five different capacities as a single compartment for holding and water storage or as a two-compartment tank for Pump-Out and Syphon capabilities. All our water tanks are approved by NSF Standard 61 for potable water tanks and our wastewater tanks are approved by CSA Standard B66. This cost-effective alternative to other storage systems is also built to withstand 7ft of overburden!

Our engineering team, with full AutoCAD capability, will work alongside you to come to the best solution for your needs. If you’ve dreamt it for your worksite or for a custom project, we’ve probably got the means to help you make it a reality. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you build your custom product!

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