The Benefits of Double-Walled Fiberglass Oil Tanks for Chemical Storage

double wall fiberglass tanks

Storing chemicals safely is necessary to prevent environmental contamination, ensure compliance with regulations, and offer peace of mind to those responsible for chemical storage. This is where double-walled tanks are essential for chemical storage because they provide an additional layer of protection against leaks and other potential problems. Essentially, double-walled tanks are a tank within a tank and are designed to prevent chemicals and oil from being released into the external environment. They are a crucial component of safe and responsible chemical handling and storage practices. Double-walled fiberglass tanks are non corrosive, and can safely store chemicals and oil products above and below ground. Read ahead to learn more about the benefits of implementing double-walled fiberglass oil tanks and double-walled fiberglass tanks for chemical storage.

What Are The Advantages Of Double-Walled Fiberglass Tanks For Chemical Storage?

Double-walled fiberglass tanks offer many benefits for chemical and oil storage applications. These tanks are engineered with two layers of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) material with an interstitial space that creates a secondary containment system. Here are some advantages of utilizing double-walled fiberglass tanks to safely store oil and chemical products:

  •  Improved environmental protection: In case the inner tank develops a leak, the chemical is contained within the secondary wall which prevents it from seeping into the ground or water supply. Using double-walled fiberglass tanks reduces the risk of environmental contamination and related cleanup costs.
  • Increased durability: FRP tanks are built to have a high surface abrasion resistance.  A pure resin material is applied to the inside of the tank which provides a smooth and strong interior and reduces friction. Double-walled fiberglass tanks are resistant to corrosion, rust, and degradation and have a longer lifespan when compared to other materials. This reduces the need for frequent tank replacements which makes this a highly durable and reliable option for chemical and oil storage needs.
  • Chemical compatibility: Fiberglass is resistant to a variety of chemicals, which makes it suitable for storing several kinds of corrosive and hazardous materials and can withstand the corrosive effects of many acids, bases, and solvents.
  • Watertight: Double-walled fiberglass-reinforced tanks come in a sealed and complete unit with joints that won’t require sealing at the installation site. This results in a watertight unit that protects the contents in the tank from interacting with outside elements.
  • Low maintenance: Double-walled fiberglass tanks require minimal maintenance due to resistance to rust and corrosion, and they are less prone to cracking and leaking over time as well. The smooth glass and resin interior of FRP tanks makes it difficult for debris and other particles to cling to the walls and reduce build-up and the need to wash out the tank regularly which helps to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Customization: Double-walled fiberglass oil tanks and tanks for chemical storage can be customized to fulfill specific industrial storage or chemical storage operations including size, shape, and capacity. This allows the production of specific layouts and tank designs that maximize efficiency and follow safety, maintenance, and operational requirements.

FRP Mocoat is a leading manufacturer of above-ground and below-ground double-walled tanks throughout North America. Our projects commence with proper engineering design in conjunction with customer-specific requirements. For more information on how double-walled fiberglass tanks can help to safely store your industrial and commercial products, contact us at (306) 329-4884 today!

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