Fiberglass Rock Covers an Attractive and Durable Alternative to Natural Stone

Fiberglass Rock Covers

The addition of natural stone in landscaping projects or on the final touches of construction projects is always a welcome idea because of the unrefined beauty of stone. The problem with stone is it can be challenging to work with. Fiberglass faux rock covers give the natural appearance of rock, but also have the benefit of hiding things such as unsightly equipment, wells, water cisterns and more! Fiberglass rock covers are an attractive and durable alternative to cover the pieces you don’t want to be seen while still retaining a natural stone presentation!

What are Fiberglass Rock Covers?

Constructed from fiberglass material and resins, rock covers are shaped to perfectly camouflage anything that needs to be hidden. Fiberglass rock covers don’t deteriorate like other materials in the harsh sun or the elements and in most cases have a special UV coating as well as weather-resistant acrylic paints. They’re light enough to place on your own, but have enough weight they won’t be carried by heavy winds. 

Why Fiberglass Rock Covers?

Part of the draw to a fiberglass rock cover is how easy they are to install. Depending on the size required, you can typically move them yourself and cover unfinished areas, any below-ground access points, pumps, septic tanks or other objects you’d like to hide. This makes them easier to configure and reuse. They add texture and colour to the landscape that you might otherwise not be able to achieve and they’re a cost-effective option compared to stone.

Benefits of FRP Rock Covers

Fiberglass rock covers can be used for a variety of projects, but what makes FRP rock covers so beneficial?

  • Provide an extra layer of protection from the elements to utility hookups, panels and boxes, which also increases insulation and protects against freezing.
  • Offer a more finished, natural aesthetic.
  • Additional visibility to avoid machinery or automotives colliding with below-ground tanks and accessories.
  • Protect against groundwater entering any access sites.
  • Cover potential safety risks, such as small spaces or holes, to provide a safer working environment.
  • Increase the curb appeal of offices, homes and other businesses. 

Artificial Stone Rocks

Fiberglass rock covers can come in handy in many situations. We understand that all design needs are different and we want to work with you to find the fit for your project! We have a list of available designs for rock covers, but if you don’t see what you need, please get in touch with us or request a quote today! If you’re not finding what you need on our website, you can always discuss a custom product that would better suit your business! Give us a call at (306) 329-4884 and we’ll get started!

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