Fiberglass Tanks for Rainwater Collection

Fibreglass Tank on the back of a truck

Rainwater harvesting is an excellent way to take advantage of a natural resource that provides something so essential to plant growth, particularly for those of us who have a hobby of planting trees or gardens. Collecting rainwater is also used as an alternative water source for eco-conscious plumbing and though this water can’t be used as drinking water, there are many opportunities to put rainwater to good use. Here’s why fiberglass tanks are excellent for rainwater collection!

Benefits of Rainwater

Did you know that approximately 6 gallons of water can be collected from a square yard of the roof of your home during an hour of steady rain? This is of course an approximation, but an average family home can potentially collect 600 gallons every hour of consistent rain! This water can be used to not only water plants and trees, but can be put to work washing clothes, supplying water for the toilet and the showers, water for a pool or hot tub or for simply watering the lawn. The best part about all this is that rainwater doesn’t cost you a cent.

Do It Your Way

Rainwater collection units can be installed above or below ground, depending on the size of the project. Underground units that range in the 15,000+ gallon region can be easier to store below the earth to take up less real estate, but it will cost more to install these larger tanks underground. Be sure to understand the soil and temperature variations of your area before you make a decision. Whatever you need for your rainwater collection system, for personal or for large scale, we’ve got you covered!

Trust a Fiberglass Tank

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks are lightweight and durable, they’re resilient to big temperature fluctuations and they’re sealed to remain watertight. These tanks are built to last and can keep working for you far past what the competing material would give you in terms of lifespan. FRP tanks, when maintained and repaired when necessary, will provide decades of service as a rainwater collection component and can be outfitted to suit your specific needs. Invest in something that will last and put your money towards a fiberglass-reinforced plastic tank for your rainwater collecting endeavours!

We want to hear about your projects! If you are looking to install a rainwater collection system and you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with us. Our team is creative and knowledgeable and we’d be happy to help you turn this project into a reality!

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