FRP Tank Versatility is Ideal for Commercial Fire Suppression

FRP Tanks for Commercial Fire Suppression

Everyone who’s worked with Fiberglass Reinforced Polymers knows just how versatile this type of material is and how many different applications it can be engineered for. This versatility and durability makes FRP a perfect material for fire suppression needs in both large water storage solutions and mobile units for rural and hard-to-reach areas. Whether you’re looking for fire suppression tanks to meet fire code regulations or you’re storing water for backwood firefighting, here’s why FRP is ideal for commercial fire suppression!

Fire suppression tanks can be used both above and below ground, depending on the requirements. Building regulations are constantly becoming more stringent which can translate to a new fire suppression system being installed or updating the current system to meet the new standards. FRP has made a name for itself by the watertight nature of the design, making it the perfect unit for fire suppression storage that can also double as potable water. The lightweight composition makes it an easy install and a much easier product to ship compared to concrete or steel, meaning you only really need to be concerned about the weight of the water if you’re installing an above-ground tank. For sites with difficult access, this is a very important aspect to consider.

FRP tanks are especially useful for rural and remote firefighting water needs because of their vast size capabilities. Most fire protection systems require a tank in the 60,000-gallon range, which is simple work for a large capacity fiberglass reinforced plastic tank. Because these large tanks can be produced in the factory rather than built on the site, you aren’t trading quality for quantity. These vast tanks can be shipped to your required site as needed and won’t sacrifice first-rate quality just because of their size.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks have quickly become more economical than polyethylene or steel tanks because of their capacity capabilities, meaning fewer FRP tanks were needed for the same amount of storage. Heavy equipment isn’t required to install these giant tanks either because of their aforementioned lightweight, but this also cuts costs for more heavy-duty equipment to set up. Costs upfront may seem a little heavy on the wallet, but if you think about all the money you’ll save in maintenance and repairs, it just makes sense to employ a fiberglass-reinforced plastic tank for fire suppression.

FRP tanks, both above and below ground units, are a recognized and reliable option for fire suppression operations. Insurance demands are now requiring a dependable, deliberate water source for fire suppression needs in some situations and FRP can be the solution to this need. With the need for alternative water sources rising with more frequent fires, FRP tanks are quickly becoming a staple for firefighting in more remote areas. Whatever the need, FRP can help with your storage requirements. Get in touch with us today!

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