FRP Tanks for Liquid Fertilizer

FRP Tanks for Liquid Fertilizer

The agricultural industry has long recognized fiberglass reinforced plastic as the best solution to many of their storage needs because of FRP’s optimal design. Retailers and farmers have known for decades the quality of fiberglass reinforced plastic storage tanks are ideal for liquid fertilizer storage because of their corrosion and UV resistance as well as their high strength-to-weight ratio. It’s no surprise that some of our repeat customers are agricultural experts that understand the standard FRP tanks have set for their industry!

Steel vs. FRP

Though a steel tank looks fantastic once set up, the actual setup isn’t as fantastic. Steel is much heavier than FRP and requires more manpower and machinery to assemble. Because of their lightweight design, FRP tanks are much easier to install in a fraction of the time. This is especially handy in early spring when you have a shipment of liquid fertilizer arriving tomorrow and need to set up a tank this afternoon! Don’t confuse lightweight with a lower threshold for strength, however. FRP is much stronger than a steel tank of approximate weight and this is in part due to it being much more flexible than steel, allowing it to absorb an impact without sustaining damage. Where steel will rust and corrode, FRP is built to resist just that and results in a longer life for the product. Without the presence of rust either internally or externally, FRP tanks are virtually leakproof which also adds to the life of the tank.

Coupled with a substantial life span and virtually no maintenance, FRP leads the pack in storage options for liquid fertilizer in the agricultural world. It may cost more upfront than storage tanks made of other materials, but you will save on the insulation costs. In addition, FRP tanks have been known to last as long as 80 years, relieving you of the cost of replacing the unit! It’s a much more manageable solution for liquid fertilizer as the corrosion-resistant interior is sure to keep your product contained and contaminant-free. Get in touch with us today to find the perfect tank for your liquid fertilizer storage needs!

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