How Affordable are FRP Storage Solutions?

How Affordable are FRP Storage Solutions

One of the first things that come to mind when folks consider switching to a Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic storage option is the higher price tag than other traditional materials. This sticker shock can drive away folks who are used to working with steel, aluminum or concrete storage units, but FRP tanks are more reliable than these materials. Tanks constructed with FRP are absolutely going to cost you more upfront, but if you weigh the cost to the longevity of the product, you might be surprised how much an FRP tank can save you in the long haul. So how affordable are FRP storage solutions really?

What It’s Made Of

The materials you use on a construction project or for storage greatly impact the performance and lifespan of the finished product. If you were to use steel for a storage application in an extreme weather environment, where that steel might only last a few years, an FRP tank can last upwards of 20! This saves you in replacement costs and FRP tanks require almost no maintenance, meaning you’ll also save on labour. Of course, it’s appealing to have a cheaper upfront cost, but if the FRP product can outlive that of a similar storage unit made from concrete, aluminum, steel or even wood, wouldn’t you pick the option that lasts the longest? FRP tanks have continued to be long-lasting solutions on many job sites, as storage solutions and for large-scale treatment and holding plants.

What It Weighs

To install or move a concrete or steel storage unit, you will likely need the help of some big equipment and trained professionals. This can become pricey if you’re installing several large-scale products, but for an FRP model, you won’t need any heavy-duty mechanics to set it up. In fact, FRP is so light in comparison, you might even be able to install it with just a small crew! The lightweight construction of fibreglass reinforced plastic tanks makes them cheaper to ship as well and any accessories you may decide you need later are also cheaper to ship thanks to their lightweight make!

FRP solutions come in a number of standard tank variations, such as liquid fertilizer tanks or a basic 5’ diameter tank, but what makes FRP a leader in storage solutions is how customizable the product is. Having the ability to adjust the tank to your needs gives you a much wider range of options while still staying affordable. So as a solution for a site that needs a durable, long-lasting, low maintenance storage unit, have you considered FRP? Check out what other standard products we have for sale!

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