How Deep Can Fiberglass Be Buried?

Green storage tank to bury fiberglass

When you require a storage option that can be installed below ground, a fiberglass-reinforced plastic tank is a great solution. These tanks are built to last and can provide a decades-long work life for septic, potable water, chemical containment and more. Underground tanks are perfect for projects that need to save on space or for aesthetic reasons, such as for rural homes. If you’re considering a fiberglass tank for an underground storage option, one of your first questions is likely how deep can these tanks be buried?

To Bury or Not To Bury

Standard underground fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks are typically designed to be placed three feet below the surface, but some companies manufacture shallow burial tanks and these can only be buried two feet underground. Deep burial tanks are often designed for a 7-foot burial depth. If you’ve got a project that needs to be under the frost line, which is typically about 8 to 10 feet depending on the area, manufacturers can accommodate these requirements and customize them to the exact depth needed on the worksite. Don’t be afraid to request a quote or ask your manufacturer what customizations they’re able to offer!

Under The Earth

Underground tanks are built with an outer and an inner lining, both equipped with corrosion resistance to prevent any leakage or contamination. You’ll never have to worry about rust if an FRP tank is at work. The inner shell is customized to safely hold whatever chemical, waste or otherwise that it’s intended to store and units generally have integral ribs for additional stability to accommodate things like the weight of trucks driving over the top of them. If your project requires a unit with extra strength, our customizable designs allow for that, but if you’re just needing it for basic storage, our standard units are ready for the job. 

Why Underground?

For some wastewater sites, septic units or chemical refining operations, underground storage is the most viable option for safety, zoning reasons or to keep the contained materials cooler in the heat of the summer. A perk of buried tanks is they aren’t subjected to the sun, wind or other elements or potential accidents. You want to trust the unit can withstand the pressure and weight of the earth above it in addition to any equipment or other weight that will sit above the tank while still remaining safely operational. Underground tanks are designed with more durability.

Regardless of what project you’re working on, if you require a tank that can be safely buried underground for storage, we’ve got you and your tank covered. Whether you’re investing in one for a commercial project or a storage unit around the farm, we’ve got just the tank for you. Request a quote today or give us a call at (306)-329-4884 and we’ll help you get started on your next underground storage project!

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