Maintenance and Repair For Your FRP Tanks

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Fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks are a first choice for many businesses and corporations because of their lightweight design, incredible resilience and unmatched durability. They lead the charge in large-scale corrosion-resistant storage options and have been a staple in the oil and gas industries for many years. To perform at their best, they do require some attention in the form of maintenance and repair. Here’s how you can extend the life of your FRP tank with routine maintenance and repairs!

Schedule Annual Inspections

FRP tanks are marketed as needing minimal repairs and maintenance and while this is true, that doesn’t mean you should forget about them! Hire the professionals to do an extensive inspection of your units and apply any maintenance recommendations they advise you of. They’ll be able to spot the early signs of issues that could cost you a shocking sum if not dealt with quickly. If you notice your units aren’t performing to optimal standards, get in touch with those experts and they’ll be able to help you repair or replace your FRP tanks.

Protect Against UV

For aboveground tanks that are exposed to the elements, particularly to the blistering effects of ultraviolet light, they will need a little bit of extra protection to keep from breaking down and fading. A reaction called fiber blooming can occur after prolonged exposure to UV rays which causes the resin to break down and expose the glass fibers underneath, resulting in overall diminished chemical resistance. The best way to combat this is to cover the unit in a UV-resistant final coat and this is often the last step in the production or insulation of the FRP tank.

Tank Relining

Yes, FRP tanks are very chemical resistant, but after continuous exposure to highly corrosive materials, the lining of the tank will eventually begin to deteriorate. The structural integrity of the tank is often not compromised, even if the corrosion barrier is worn out, and you’ll likely be able to fix the issue with relining. A more economical fix is to reline the tanks with high-calibre, quality lining rather than replace them and this will also extend the longevity of the unit.

We like to think FRP tanks are indestructible, but they need maintenance and repair just like any other storage option. If you keep up with routine maintenance and repair issues as soon as possible, you can extend the life of your FRP tank as well as the accessories and additional infrastructure. Get in touch with us today and we’ll get started on maintaining your fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks to give them even longer lifespans!

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