Need to Store Chemicals? FRP Tanks are the Solution!

double wall fiberglass tanks

If you operate a chemical manufacturing or testing facility, or you simply have some heavy-duty chemicals you need to safely store, you know the importance of having a tough, durable and reliable storage option for even the most caustic of substances. There are plenty of options on the market these days, but what makes fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks the more dependable solution? Here’s why FRP tanks are some of the most trusted solutions for chemical storage!

FRP vs. Other Materials

Traditional chemical storage in metal or concrete does the job, but highly caustic chemicals can cause these tanks to lead very short lives due to corrosion or deterioration. This can further lead to high repair or replacement costs. With a fiberglass-reinforced plastic tank, each unit is handcrafted to suit the job it’s required for, down to the combination and properties of the resins. FRP is a noncorrosive, nonconductive unit that offers a much longer lifespan because of its resistance to hazardous chemicals and outdoor elements. They are a more cost-friendly alternative to other tank building materials, though they might have a higher price tag upfront. They’ll save you more than one headache with the lower requirement for maintenance and repair, but maintenance is so important to keep your FRP unit working for you! Be sure to schedule proper maintenance inspections to ensure the longevity of your tank.

A Design You Can Trust

Hazardous chemicals need to be stored safely and securely without the risk of leaks or contamination. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks come into play because of their seamless build of woven or chopped fiberglass and high-quality resins designed to withstand caustic and corrosive materials. When it comes to chemical storage, the design of the tank must take into consideration the ventilation needs and because of FRP’s wide range of customizations, these tanks give you more choices in what you need to store. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks won’t rust and don’t require cathodic protection or exterior painting, giving them almost incomparable corrosion resistance. They’re flexible and resistant to impacts making them an ideal above-ground storage option. Another key feature of FRP tanks is their fire retardancy, making them ideal for substances that are prone to flammability. The tank will not feed the fire and can contain fires within the unit.

If you’re storing chemicals in massive quantities or for personal use, you need to trust the unit that you store these hazardous materials in. FRP tanks are the solution for you. Whether you’re looking for above or below-ground storage or you have a specific design requirement, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us to get a quote today and start safely storing your chemical substances!

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