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Features of Grease Interceptor Tanks

Grease interceptor tanks play a critical role in industries like oil, gas, mining, and energy by effectively capturing and separating grease, oils, fats, and other solid materials from wastewater. These industries often produce significant amounts of oily wastewater due to various processes, such as equipment maintenance, vehicle washing, and industrial operations. Grease interceptors help prevent these substances from entering the wastewater system, which can cause blockages, environmental pollution, and regulatory compliance issues.

Advantages of grease interceptor tanks:

  • Functionality. Grease interceptor tanks function by allowing wastewater to flow through them while trapping and retaining grease, oil, and solids. The design typically includes baffles and separators that slow down the flow, allowing the contaminants to separate and float to the surface for removal.
  • Regulatory compliance. Industries such as oil, gas, mining, and energy are subject to stringent environmental regulations regarding wastewater management. Grease interceptor tanks help these industries comply with regulations by preventing the discharge of harmful substances into municipal wastewater systems and natural water bodies.
  • Material construction. Grease interceptor tanks are typically constructed from durable materials such as concrete, fiberglass, or steel to withstand the harsh operating conditions present in industries like oil, gas, mining, and energy. The material choice depends on factors such as the type of wastewater, installation location, and longevity requirements.
  • Maintenance. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the effective operation of grease interceptor tanks. This includes periodic inspection, cleaning, and removal of accumulated grease and solids. Industries must establish maintenance protocols to prevent system failures and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Environmental impact. Properly functioning grease interceptor tanks help mitigate the environmental impact of industrial activities by preventing the contamination of water bodies with oils, greases, and other pollutants. This contributes to environmental sustainability and protects ecosystems downstream from industrial operations.
  • Integration with wastewater treatment systems. Grease interceptor tanks can be integrated into larger wastewater treatment systems within industrial facilities. They serve as the initial stage of treatment, removing grease and oils before the wastewater undergoes further processing, such as biological treatment or filtration.

By effectively capturing and separating grease, oils, and solids from wastewater, these tanks help industries comply with regulations, protect the environment, and maintain operational efficiency.

Grease Interceptor Tanks for Oil, Gas, Mining, and Energy

FRP Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer and storage solutions provider for the Western Canadian oilpatch including midstream and oilsands applications. We offer:

  • Design to API 12P.
  • Engineering design and P.Eng. stamped drawings.
  • Ladders/cages/platforms built to provincial OH & S standards.
  • Base skids suitable for piles.
  • A complete line of tank accessories including saddles, valves, venting options and level gauges.
  • Solutions for a wide range of chemical storage tanks including caustic storage, sodium nitrate, glycol, HCL acid and other chemicals. Potable and produced water applications are also commonly provided.
  • Our fiberglass tanks can be single wall or double wall construction.

Grease Interceptor Tanks in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba

Grease interceptor tanks from FRP Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba are a reliable solution for grease, oil, and solid waste disposal in a variety of industrial sectors. Constructed from high-quality fiberglass materials, the tanks are designed to withstand the demanding environments of industries such as oil, gas, mining, and power generation.

FRP Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd’s grease interceptor tanks are designed to meet the specific needs of customers in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba, offering customizable options for different wastewater volumes and operational requirements. Their rugged construction ensures long-term performance and environmental compliance.

With a focus on environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance, FRP Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd’s grease interceptor tanks play a critical role in protecting water bodies and municipal wastewater systems from pollution. In addition, the company’s expertise in tank manufacturing provides reliable and efficient solutions for a variety of industry needs in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of grease interceptor tanks in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba varies depending on size, capacity, and specific requirements.
When choosing a grease interceptor tank, consider factors like size, material, regulatory compliance, maintenance requirements, manufacturer reputation, customization options, and cost.
The cleaning of a grease trap begins by pumping out and scraping away grease and sludge from the traps and interceptor systems. After the removal of the sludge and ensuring the system is clean, skilled technicians conduct a thorough inspection of the grease trap system to verify its proper functionality.
You can order with FRP Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd by calling (306) 329-4884.
The speed at which grease interceptor tanks are made can vary depending on factors such as size, complexity, and production capacity of the manufacturer. Generally, smaller tanks may be produced more quickly, while larger or custom-designed tanks may take longer to manufacture.

Product 1000 BBL Oil Tank Tank Style Above Ground Vertical Oil Tank Dimensions Capacity 1000

Product Effluent Caustic Tank / Fresh Caustic Tank Tank Style Above Ground Vertical Chemical Storage

Product Sodium Nitrate Tank Tank Style Dimensions Capacity Customizations Comes with Roof Platforms

Product Above Ground Potable Water Tank Tank Style Above-Ground Dimensions 5′ Diameter x 8′ Tall

Product Filtered Water Backpulse Tank Tank Style Above-Ground Dimensions 11’10” Diameter x 34’2″ Tall Capacity

Product Flocculation Tank Tank Style Above-Ground on Saddles Dimensions 13′ Diameter x 47′ Long Capacity

Product Fiberglass Box Pads Tank Style N/A Dimensions Various Capacity N/A Customizations Custom Gelcoat Custom

Product 50% Propylene Glycol Solution Tank Style Above-Ground Dimensions 48″ Diameter x 10′ Tall Capacity

Product Gland Water Tank Tank Style Above-Ground Dimensions 7′ Diameter x 5’6″ Tall Capacity 750

Product Wash Water Storage Tank Style Above-Ground on Saddles Dimensions 10′ Diameter x 33′ Long