Fiberglass Tanks In Agriculture: Boosting Efficiency & Sustainability

Fiberglass Tanks In Agriculture

Storage tanks facilitate important processes that help with the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of agricultural practices. These practices may include water storage for irrigation, storage for agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, livestock water supply, and use in drip irrigation systems among several other practices. Unlike other materials such as steel or concrete […]

Are Fiberglass Pressure Tanks Better Than Steel?

Are fiberglass pressure tanks better than steel

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make about a new storage tank is what material you choose to use in its construction. There are benefits to traditional materials, such as steel or concrete, as well as upsides to using the durable, lightweight alternative of fiberglass reinforced plastic. When you require a pressure tank to store […]

How Long Do Fiberglass Oil Tanks Last? Factors that Affect Their Lifespan

how long do fiberglass oil tanks last

Fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks have played a big role in the oil and gas industry for decades as a reliable storage option. If you work in the oil field, the biggest question to ask when looking for storage options is how long will the tank last? Here’s what you need to know about how long does […]

Top Five Benefits of Fiberglass Storage Tanks for Industrial and Chemical Storage

Fiberglass Storage Tanks for Industrial and Chemical Storage

For commercial and industrial level storage, particularly with chemical storage on large scales, you need to be able to trust the equipment you employ to safely and reliably store the product. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks for chemical storage, first developed in the 1930s, became more widely used in the 1950s because of the corrosive resistant nature […]

How Long Will My FRP Tank Last?

How Long Will My FRP Tank Last

When you’re in the market for equipment that can be on the pricier side at the initial purchase point, you want to make sure you really understand the construction and function of the product and how long it will be able to work for you. The thing to keep in mind when you’re shopping for […]