The Role of Fiberglass Tanks In Rainwater Harvesting

Importance of Fiberglass Tanks

Did you know around an estimated 6 gallons of water could be gathered from each square yard of your house’s rooftop during an hour of steady rainfall? This water can potentially be used for washing clothes, supplying water for the toilet and showers, water for a pool or hot tub, or even watering the lawn, […]

Characteristics that Differentiate Fiberglass Tanks from the Competition

Fiberglass Tanks Beat the Competition

If you work with large amounts of corrosive or flammable liquids, you’ve likely worked with fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks. Of course, you’ve also likely worked with steel, polyethylene,  aluminum or even concrete tanks, but what sets fiberglass reinforced plastics apart from these rivalling materials? Here’s how to differentiate fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks from the competition! […]