Why Choose An FRP Tank For Potable Water?

FRP Tanks for Potable Water

Water is the essence of life and we all deserve access to clean drinking water. Providing rural areas with potable water can prove to be difficult, but here at FRP Manufacturing, we’re in the business of solutions!  For rural communities and backwoods acreages or farms, potable water is still an everyday necessity and many folks have found creative ways to store their drinking water. When it comes to how we store our water however, you want to select a storage unit that’s durable and will last the test of time, while keeping your water safe. Here’s why choosing fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks could be your best option!

FRP vs Other Materials

For municipal water storage, concrete is often used because it can be constructed as a much larger storage unit. Using concrete runs the risk of cracks developing over time and the installation process requires expertise and more labour. While it’s a good idea to use for a municipality, it wouldn’t be ideal for rural clients and those that simply don’t need a tank of that size. The porousness of concrete can also become a problem when bacteria or other debris are introduced to the environment. Steel is a strong, non-porous material that can handle all sorts of immaculate weather conditions and is often used for water storage solutions. But it can still corrode! Fiberglass reinforced plastics, or FRP, are also very strong, have a completely non-porous interior, can stand up to intense temperatures and are noncorrosive. It will cost more upfront than a steel storage unit, but you’ll save on maintenance as an FRP tank doesn’t need much! It will also take only a fraction of the time to install as FRP tanks are lightweight and easier to transport.

Is It Right For You?

Our FRP tanks are carefully constructed and are thoroughly tested before we ship and can be used in a variety of water storage needs. Available in above and below ground options, all of our tanks are fully customizable and are NSF/ANSI 61 Certified. Our above-ground units range from 150 to 14,000 imperial gallons and our below-ground tanks from 750 to 34,000 imperial gallons. We only use BPA-free resin to construct our tanks and all of our below-ground units have a bonded, unibody construction to inhibit any contaminant or groundwater from interfering with your potable water. With low maintenance costs and a lifespan that exceeds several decades, FRP tanks are an excellent choice for those that require their own water storage. Folks that live where water quality is unfavourable or are on a low-pressure line need access to a water supply and therefore need a storage tank. Let us help you with that!

At FRP Manufacturing, we want to help you come to a solution for your potable water needs. We take the time to make sure we understand all the details and requirements of your project to find the best option that fits. Get in touch with us to get a quote today and we’ll help you find a potable water tank that works for you!

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