Why is Fiberglass More Effective for Tanks?

Fiberglass more effective for tanks

From farming to commercial industries to niche storage needs, fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks have become a staple for storage requirements of all sorts. And it’s really no wonder, the versatility and the longevity of the product speaks for itself! But why is it that fiberglass reinforced tanks are more effective for storage than other materials?

First, it’s important to know how fiberglass-reinforced tanks are constructed. Much like rebar is used to strengthen concrete, our plastic tanks are reinforced with layers of fiberglass that greatly increases the durability and hardiness of the tank. The resin used in the production of the tank, depending on what the tank is required to store, is important to note as not all fiberglass resins are made the same. Whether you’re storing acidic materials, wastewater or even fertilizer, we mix the resin to fit the proposed function of the tank to ensure compatibility of the resin to the product stored.

The benefits of using fiberglass tanks far outweigh the cons. Even though the initial cost of manufacturing and installing a fiberglass reinforced tank is higher than polyethylene, steel or aluminum tanks, they will outlast these tanks considerably. A few reasons include their resistance to drastic temperatures, repairing them and putting them back into service is much easier, heavier valves can be installed as the fiberglass is much more rigid than other materials, and they can be custom built to suit your project. Customizing a fiberglass reinforced tank is a much easier process and some customizations include; the freedom to equip accessories pretty well anywhere on the tank instead of only flat surfaces, designing an internal sloped bottom to ensure full drainage, side access manways can be quickly installed to allow easy analysis and maintenance access as well as handrails and ladders, and fiberglass reinforced skirts or steel legs can be fashioned to add support as needed. Really, if you can imagine it, fiberglass can be fashioned to suit it.

The possibilities of how you can use a fiberglass reinforced tank are nearly endless. Fiberglass tanks are much lighter than their steel or concrete counterparts, making insulation just that much easier and faster. If you’re considering a fiberglass tank for your storage needs, get in touch with us and we’ll find the right fit for you!

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