Why It’s Crucial to Store Chemicals Properly in an FRP Tank

Proper Maintenance for Fiberglass Tanks

If you work in an industry that handles heavy-duty chemicals, you know the importance of properly securing and storing these caustic materials. Chemical spills have harmful, destructive consequences if not stored and secured correctly and can cause a lot of damage to your property, your employees and yourself. The health of your team and the environment is important to you and you want to choose an option that will keep everyone safe. Here’s why it’s crucial to store chemicals properly.


Depending on what sort of chemicals you intend to store, from acid to base, each chemical has unique needs for storage. Some require more non-conductive properties while others need a strong level of fire suppressant or corrosion resistance. Of course, it’s never going to be entirely compatible, but some materials used in the construction of FRP tanks can be more compatible than others with the chemical you’re storing. What it boils down to is which material will last the longest under exposure to the chemical. Be sure you’re storing the correct chemicals with the corresponding FRP matrix and resins as even minuscule alterations in chemical compounds can drastically alter the durability and compatibility of the tank. 


When you’re storing a chemical, the last thing you want to have happen on the job is a spill. This is why it’s important to understand the requirements of the chemical being stored as the repercussions involving a chemical spill can have severely damaging effects on both the environment, the health and wellbeing of your employees and your reputation. Once a chemical has been introduced to an environment, it’s very difficult to expel it completely. Part of what makes chemical spills dangerous is the lingering chemicals that leach into water sources and subsequently into our drinking water and water we might be using to grow our foods. Prevention is the best method so make sure to do your research and get advice from a professional! Keep up with regular tank inspections and replace or repair tanks when needed. 


Compromising the health of your team is never something we intend to happen, but this is why it’s so vital to understand the required storing needs of every chemical you use onsite. Safety equipment and protection are essential and employees need to know the risks of being exposed to the chemicals they’re working with. The tanks you use should trap toxic fumes and offer as little exposure as possible, including the ability to fully drain to remove human interaction with the inside of the tank.

Working with chemicals is an essential part of a multitude of industries and it doesn’t have to be a dangerous job if storage needs and chemical requirements are being met. Minimize the risk of injury or contamination by choosing the right storage option at the start. If you’re looking for your next FRP storage option, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to find the best fit for your job!

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