Best Practices For Cleaning And Inspecting Fiberglass Tanks

Best Practices For Cleaning And Inspecting Fiberglass Tanks

Whether you’re in the industrial or commercial sector, or just want a durable and cost-effective storage solution for your personal liquid storage needs, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tanks are a cost-effective and long-lasting storage solution. Maintaining fiberglass tanks is essential to their longevity, performance, and integrity.  Regular spring maintenance helps in preventing issues such as […]

The History And Evolution Of Fiberglass Storage Solutions

Green storage tank to bury fiberglass

Did you know that ancient Phoenicians and Egyptians were two pre-modern civilizations that made glass into fibers, thus resulting in what we now popularly refer to as ‘fiberglass’? People would make a small amount of glass fiber at a time, however, the fiber that they produced was very coarse, and used it for decoration purposes. […]

What is Cannabis Fertigation and Why Fiberglass Tanks are the Best Choice for it.

Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Fertigation is an agricultural process that refers to delivering vital nutrients and water to plants to produce a quality crop with higher yields. The term ‘fertigation’ combines the terms ‘fertilizer’ and ‘irrigation’ and has been around as a concept for hundreds of years when farmers in ancient Rome would use sewage water to water their […]

Are Fiberglass Pressure Tanks Better Than Steel?

Are fiberglass pressure tanks better than steel

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make about a new storage tank is what material you choose to use in its construction. There are benefits to traditional materials, such as steel or concrete, as well as upsides to using the durable, lightweight alternative of fiberglass reinforced plastic. When you require a pressure tank to store […]

The Importance of Proper Maintenance for Fiberglass Tanks

Proper Maintenance for Fiberglass Tanks

If you install your fiberglass tank and walk away from it and trust it to do its job, this will greatly reduce the longevity of the unit. Maintenance and inspections are crucial for fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks to operate efficiently and to last for years. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of […]

6 Common Challenges with Fiberglass Storage Tanks and How to Overcome them

Challenges with Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Fiberglass reinforced plastic is a reliable, strong material used in the construction of storage tanks and it’s been a trusted staple in many industries, including chemical, oil and gas or wastewater, for the past several decades. There are a lot of pros to using an FRP tank for your storage requirements, but like any other […]