What is Cannabis Fertigation and Why Fiberglass Tanks are the Best Choice for it.

Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Fertigation is an agricultural process that refers to delivering vital nutrients and water to plants to produce a quality crop with higher yields. The term ‘fertigation’ combines the terms ‘fertilizer’ and ‘irrigation’ and has been around as a concept for hundreds of years when farmers in ancient Rome would use sewage water to water their crops! Fertigation has evolved significantly since this time and can be used together with several different irrigation methods including sprinkler, drip, and soaker irrigation systems.

Fertigation is a common technique used in horticulture and commercial agriculture, and its application in the production of cannabis is growing. The process involves storing a liquid form of fertilizer in a large tank, and then a dripper or injector will permeate the irrigation water with desired volumes of the fertilizer. Read ahead to learn more about cannabis fertigation and what makes fiberglass tanks the best choice for storing liquid fertilizer for cannabis fertigation cultivation.

What Is Cannabis Fertigation?

Cannabis fertigation refers to providing nutrients in the water that you give to your cannabis plants when irrigating the plants with fertilizer. Cannabis plants grow quickly when they get nutrients from the water in contrast to having to seek the nutrients from the soil. Cannabis fertigation is essentially a cultivation technique that combines fertilization and irrigation which delivers essential nutrients to cannabis plants through the irrigation system. It is a popular technique used in controlled environments such as indoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivation. This method of delivering nutrients to cannabis plants offers many advantages such as precise nutrient delivery, reduced waste of water and nutrients, and automation of the feeding process which leads to improved cannabis crop yields and quality.

Fiberglass Tanks: The Best Choice For Cannabis Fertigation

Fertigation requires the use of liquid fertilizer storage tanks to safely store liquid fertilizers. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tanks lead the pack in storage options for liquid fertilizer in the agricultural world with their long lifespan and minimal maintenance. FRP tanks are considered the best choice for cannabis fertigation for the following reasons:

Corrosion resistance: FRP tanks are highly resistant to corrosion from the chemicals and fertilizers employed in fertigation and this makes them a durable choice for long-term use without material degradation. Without the presence of rust internally or externally, FRP tanks are virtually leakproof and this adds to the lifespan of the tank.

Lightweight: FRP tanks are lighter compared to other materials used for tanks such as steel or concrete. This feature makes FRP tanks easier to transport, install, and implement into a fertigation system.

Customization: FRP tanks can be custom-designed to fit the distinct needs of the cannabis fertigation task at hand. They can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the available space and nutrient necessities.

Durability and longevity: When maintained properly, FRP tanks can have a lifespan of as long as 80 years! This makes FRP tanks a cost-effective choice for cannabis fertigation systems.

Chemical compatibility: FRP tanks can store a variety of fertilizers and nutrients safely without reacting with them which is crucial in cannabis fertigation systems since the process requires mixing and delivering various chemicals to the plants.

FRP Mocoat will offer you the best solution for storing your liquid fertilizer for your cannabis fertigation project needs. Contact us at (306) 329-4884 today to find your perfect liquid fertilizer storage tank.

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