Below Ground Valve Boxes

FRP Mocoat was contracted to design and manufacture several valve boxes. The boxes themselves were buried below ground with the top of the boxes at grade

The boxes were of various sizes ranging from 2’x2’ to 4’x6’ and ranged in depth from 2’ to 6’. The bottoms of the valve boxes were open, allowing the boxes to be lowered into position over the valves and piping. Various mousehole configurations were cut into the walls of the valve boxes, allowing them to be fitted over numerous different piping configurations

One particular valve box was required to be located in an area with heavy traffic. This particular valve box required HS20 traffic load rating. This box was designed and engineered to withstand loads caused by 18-wheel transport trucks. This was achieved by utilizing a welded steel tube frame with steel runners. The steel frames were then encased in fiberglass.

Each valve box was palletized for transportation to allow ease of loading/unloading.

Past Case Studies