Toilet Tanks

FRP Mocoat’s toilet tanks are CSA B66 Certified. Standard model toilet tanks come in 375, 500, 750 and 1000 gallons. These toilet tanks provide a great, cost-effective storage solution. Our outhouse tanks can be configured for either single or multiple toilets, with port locations being customizable. They can function with standard, waterless toilets or toilets requiring running water. Our toilet tanks are engineered to withstand 2 feet of overburden. These tanks are suitable for private properties, campgrounds, and Provincial & Federal Parks.

Our fiberglass tanks are lightweight, thus easier to ship and easier to install than tanks made of other material. This makes them an excellent solution for locations with limited access. FRP tanks will not corrode or break down like other products utilized to hold liquids. This eliminates the possibility of leakage due to either internal or external rusting.

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