Washington State National Park Tanks

A common demand for our tanks is for large volume, commercial wastewater storage and treatment systems.

We were contracted to design and manufacture a series of five 15,000 Imperial Gallon (18,000 USG) tanks to provide the first stage of wastewater storage and processing for a National Park in Washington (WA) State. Each tank was 10’ Diameter (BX-Series) x 33’3” Long.

For this installation, the tanks were designed to be installed in series, end-to-end. All of the tanks had multiple custom fittings, as well as meeting the WA requirement that there be a minimum of 1 manway access every 10 feet. That’s a lot of manways! The tanks were anchored, with our proprietary anchor kits, and concrete deadmen; to ensure the stability of the install. This was especially important due to the slope that the tanks were being installed on.

The tanks were designed in components/capacities to provide the correct volume of effluent and retention to feed a STEP system, followed by a soil dispersal system, which completed the wastewater treatment process.

FRP Mocoat helped determine the correct model and dimensions of the tanks to ensure that there would be no issues delivering them to the top of a mountain range; proving once again that FRP Mocoat Fiberglass tanks can go anywhere!

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