System O

System O, The Next Generation of Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) is a passive, advanced treatment option for onsite wastewater (septic). This system holds NSF 40, BNQ 3680-910, and CAN/BNQ 3680-600 Certifications, in addition to a wide array of other certifications worldwide.

The AES system uses a network of large diameter laterals to distribute effluent evenly and efficiently down its length by gravity. These laterals are bedded in System Sand which, in conjunction with the oxygen introduced through a vent system, produces an extremely well-treated effluent that then receives its final polishing within the in situ soils.

Septic Systems do an amazing job of treating wastewater; removing more viruses and pathogens than even a large city wastewater treatment plant can. Our system, System O, is easy to design, install, and maintain; all while providing a 95-99% reduction in TSS and cBOD, which are 2 of the most common wastewater components that are required to be removed from our effluent.

The images shown on this post are from an installation in Balgonie, SK. This is for a 5-Bedroom newly built residence. The system has been centre-fed, due to footprint constraints. The effluent is being pumped from a 2 compartment FRP septic tank to a distribution box (d-box), where it will enter the laterals by gravity. The effluent will be wicked down the length of the laterals by the Bio-Accelerator; and over time, will disperse into the bed of System Sand, and down into the existing soil. After that, it travels until it meets an aquifer, and the water cycle starts again.

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